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Aluminum Reacher for Hard to Reach Cargo
The Cargo Hook is the perfect cargo/pickup/truck bed accessory that provides easy loading and unloading of cargo from your vehicle! The Cargo Hook is an aluminum reacher that acts as an assistive device for easy and safe loading and unloading of heavy or light weight items from your pick-up truck, van, hay wagon, or any other type of carrier. Easy to hook hard to reach items! Simply push your cargo into your vehicle and drag the cargo from the front of the vehicle bed to the back where it can be easily unloaded.

The Perfect Assistive Device
With the Cargo Hook aluminum reacher, there is no need for climbing or jumping in and out of your vehicle to remove cargo. Reduce the risk of back, foot, leg, or other injuries, while reducing the time it takes to unload your vehicle with Cargo Hook.

The Cargo Hook™ is as easy to put together as it is to use. It includes an eight foot telescoping pole that has a large, securely fastened hook attached to the end.

The Cargo Hook Includes:

  • Three-tier telescoping pole
  • 42” storage pipe
  • 2 aluminum pinch clamps
  • 2 plastic coated storage pumps

The Cargo Hook Aluminum Reacher Puts An End To:

  • Opening of Tonneau cover or pick-up topper
  • Climbing into truck bed
  • Crawling on your knees
  • Soiling your clothes
  • Injuries to back and knees

The Perfect Pickup/Truck Bed Accessory!

  • Effortless loading and removal of cargo from your pick-up bed.
  • Storage mounting system included
  • No drilling holes!
  • Includes Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Makes truck bed handicapped accessible

Cargo Hook makes it easy to hook hard to reach items.