Cargo Hook LLC - About


Bruce Getten climbed a lot of ladders and carried heavy hoses for years as a firefighter. After putting out the blaze, having to climb on his sore knees into the truck bed to reach his cargo every day didn't seem to make much sense. There had to be a better way to load his truck. Frustration led to invention and the Cargo Hook was born.

Utilizing parts from all over America, Getten has created the cost-effective solution to cargo hauling. The Cargo Hook is easily stored, requires no drilling into the vehicle, and makes your truck handicap accessible. Getten went beyond the product, however, and contracted a non-profit organization to assemble and ship the Cargo Hook, so each and every purchase helps both the customer and the community.

Now retired from fighting fires, Getten dedicates his time to testing new designs of the Cargo Hook and spending time with his family in Wisconsin.