Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other ways to use the Cargo Hook?
Yes! It is easy to unscrew the hook itself and replace it with a squeegee or other utensil for washing hard-to-reach places, though aggressive handling may damage the Cargo Hook.
Does the Cargo Hook work with my covered truck?
Yes! Whether you have a Tonneau cover or a pick-up topper, the Cargo Hook is specially designed to allow for complete access without opening or removing your cover. Push your cargo in and pull it out without ever touching your cover.
How can I extend the Cargo Hook to its full length?
To protect you from injury due to the Cargo Hook suddenly extending as you pull an item from your truck, the third telescopic rod is tightened. Use a pair of pliers to loosen the third rod in order to achieve the full eight-foot length. When finished, slide the rod back in and twist the hook to return the rod to its safe position.
How can I keep the hook from getting stolen?
The easiest way to keep your Cargo Hook safe (without removing it from your vehicle) is to take a simple padlock, drill a 1/4" inch hole in the tailgate end of the storage pipe, and put the lock on. This will make the pipe's opening too small for the hook to escape. For complete security, take a bicycle cable, run it through a nearby bracket on your vehicle, and put both ends through the padlock.
How much does the Cargo Hook cost?
$39.95 per hook, plus $9.75 for shipping. Includes a Manufacturer's Guarantee.
What is the Cargo Hook made for?
The Cargo Hook is designed to let you move your equipment, whether it's groceries or concrete blocks, in and out of your van, truck, or other carrier so that you no longer have to climb into your vehicle. Its eight-foot length means that you can comfortably stand while you load or unload your truck. No injuries to back or knees, and no dirt on your clothes.
Where is the Cargo Hook made?
All Cargo Hooks are assembled at a non-profit organization by people with disabilities and special needs:

L.E. Phillips Career Development Center - Eau Claire, WI -
Why are there balls on the hook?
This feature helps you to push cargo into your truck. The balls let the hook slide along the bed, easily pushing even heavy objects right to where you want them, no climbing and crawling required.
Will sunlight or rain damage the Cargo Hook?
The Cargo Hook is protected by layered vinyl and is made from aluminum, preventing warping due to ultraviolet rays and making the Cargo Hook immune to rust and corrosion.
Will the hook slide out of the storage pipe while I'm driving?
No, the storage pipe fits closely to the Cargo Hook, allowing for easy access but with enough resistance so that normal driving will not knock the Cargo Hook out.
Won't the Cargo Hook take up space in my truck bed?
The Cargo Hook fits directly over the wheel wells, keeping it out of the way for nearly any storage need. The Cargo Hook also sits high in the bed, providing plenty of room for objects to sit under it.
How much does it cost to ship?