This product is better than advertised. I have had my cargo hook for almost a year now and I could not be happier. The day I installed it was the last day I crawled into the back of my truck. I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado with a topper. I'm 42 yrs old 6' 3" and some where "between" 200-300lbs. Not the best build for getting in and out of small places. I hunt, fish, travel and haul more than the average guy. I am constantly loading and unloading dog crates, fishing equipment, decoys, batteries, coolers, totes, bins and construction materials. The trick is positioning these items in the truck so the load is not shifting around when I drive. The cargo hook makes this easy. I have put bins and totes in the front of the pickup box that weigh in excess of 150 lbs. The cargo hook easily pushed them to the front of the box and pulled them to the tailgate when I need to unload. I don't have to crawl in, scrape my back on the topper door opening and then push pull and drag at an awkward angle. I have found plenty of uses for my cargo hook outside my truck. Hanging things in the garage is a snap, no need for the ladder. I have used it to hang Christmas lights, get footballs out of a tree and to haul 6 full goose decoy bags across a corn field. I would, and do, recommend the cargo hook to anyone and everyone I know. I know others that have this product and they are as happy as I am with it. This is one of those inventions that is practical, simpie, inexpensive and most importanrly" really works."

Ron — Wisconsin

Hi Bruce,

I installed my cargo hook in only a few minutes with only a wrench while standing next to my truck. My job is a Traveling Construction Superintendent offen requires me to load and unload my 3/4 ton heavy duty pick-up and set-up a remote office on short notice. At times I have my bed full of tools, boxes and luggage. With the tailgate open it's three feet off the ground and since I currently spend much of my time sitting on my butt [in front of my computer] I've gained a few extra pounds. I's not to easy hopping up into the bed of my truck to retrieve stuff. With the cargo hook I was able to unload in record time with less effort. When I reload it was easy to position items by simply pushing around. The storge tube realy makes the cargo hook handy as I can slide the cargo hook in and out as necessary and I always know where it is. I will order more of these for my subcontractors. I am sure they will be appreciated. I AM HOOKED ON CARGO HOOK

Miles — California